• Conecta Wireless is an IT solutions provider and telecom operator, focused in Enterprises and Corporations, with over 15 years of experience.

  • Our portfolio comprehends Cloud & Virtualization, Connectivity & Multiservice Networks, Unified Communications & Collaboration, Enterprise Applications and Professional Services


  • We operate with a global vision and local action. Our strengths, our technology, a team focused on delivering quality, and our purchasing synergies as a wholesale operator, make us the partner of choice of our Customers.

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About us

CW is an integral IT services and solutions provider for companies interested in leveraging on the IT and Telecom convergence. We help them transform technology into their competitive advantage while keeping the total costs down in order to accelerate ROI (Return on Investment).

As a result from mergers from different technogical companies, CW has a unique DNA blend and operates on an innovative IT Integrator-Operator business model. 

CW combines 15 years of experience on IT Systems Integration and Professional Services, designing and managing IT projects for companies, operators and large multinational corporations, together with its Telco wholesale capabilities and own infrastructure.

CW is a licensed Telco operator for Spain by the CMT (Telecommunications Market Commission) and RIPE NCC Member since 2007.

With a clear business focus, CW approaches as a Business Partner. Engaging on business profitability growth, we make use of proven methodologies to align IT and business strategy, detect areas of divergence and propose ways to improve productivity and contain IT costs.

CW is composed by professionals with engineering, international management and entrepreneurial backgrounds coming from companies such as HP, Ericsson, Deloitte and Vodafone, with extensive experience in design, deployment and management of IT projects and services along several countries. 

We make available our knowledge in technology, solutions integration and wholesale infrastructures with a service approach inherited from years of experience on business consulting and entrepreneurial ventures to accelerate your business objectives.




Why Choosing CW?

  • Because of our balanced vision which comprehends both IT and Business needs, taking always into account the international competitive environment.
  • Because we work close to the customer, blending with their needs and developing a mutual professional commitment of achieving the agreed targests.
  • Because we complement our customers' business in four dimensions:


Know-how and experience on the Design, Integration and Operation of Cloud & IT-as-a-Service environments and the Telco & Networking outsourcing with an optimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


We are a team devoted to Customer Service, with the common goal to keep service excellence among our top competitive advantages.


Our specialty are IT Integration-Operation scenarios, based on a Business approach tailored from conception, through design, planning and execution to operation.


Trabajaremos conjuntamente para diseñar una solución integral que combine las nuevas tecnologías con el entorno actual, en línea con su estrategia de TI, y garantizada con un SLA (Acuerdo de Nivel de Servicio).

As Business Partner, CW professionals:

Not only...

Provide services
Reduce our customer's IT costs
Have a technical mindset
Solve IT problems
Undertake complex projects
Support operations
Manage IT projects
Are efficient
Act rigorously

But also...

Act as strategic partner
Help increasing turnover and profits
Have a business mindset
Are experts in business processes
Take responsibility from start to end
Are able to support innovation
Help managing IT investments
Are effective
Are flexible


CW's Core Infraestructure

Our own-designed infrastructure que combines three key properties:

Direct interconnection with domestic and international operators

Our Inter-Carrier Nodes (ICN) allow us to peer directly with other operators without passing through shared "Meet-me-Rooms", in order to provide the best coverage capillarity for Internet access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

A networked and distributed Cloud

Our Cloud Infrastructure allows to provide customized high-quality services, combining the capabilities of our multiple Distributed Data Centers (DDC) together with our ability to integrate solutions, managed services and multi-provider IT Outsourcing, offering a unique global solution that maximizes the Service Level, Redundancy and Business Continuity.

A Dedicated high-performance Access to your IT Cloud Infrastructure

Through CW Direct Access Nodes (DAN), our customers have available a quality Access for high symmetrical bandwidth and low latency requirements, connecting their HQ with their Cloud Systems, accessing their information privately through a 100% dedicated network Access with the performance of a Local Network.




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