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Implementing a business management system, whatever type it may be, normally implies a large investment in resources and time.

Today it is more than demonstrated that without this type of systems in the company it is almost impossible to be competitive and raise the level of the company to more diversified levels. It is not a question of following the current of my competition and "joining the bandwagon", but to make a correct analysis of our company, market and needs in the short and medium term, thus sizing the system according to what an organization really needs.

To do this, we help companies throughout the process to facilitate management and administration, in addition to improving competitiveness by taking better control of their processes.


Specialized Consulting:
Listen, plan, develop, implement

  • Initial analysis, determining the critical business processes that we try to cover with the new system.
  • Determine the customized developments to be made.
  • Overcoming objections. Resistance to change must be overcome by involving all stakeholders.
  • Troubleshooting during implementation.
  • Training of users in the correct use of the tool.


Business Applications and much more



We work mainly with two manufacturers: On the one hand, as Microsoft® Partners, we provide Solutions based on Dynamics Business Central (CRM, ERP & Power Platform), for those medium-large customers.

On the other hand, we also work, especially in SMEs, with ODOO®, which is one of the open source business management software par excellence. Powerful, scalable and highly customizable to suit your business.


Odoo Apps

  • Cost efficiency: The elimination of license fees is an important cost advantage.
  • Free software: The source code being released is a guarantee of security in your investment.
  • Adaptive Design: Interface that adapts seamlessly to mobile devices, tablets and any screen resolution.
  • Website Builder: Odoo brings a website builder with which you can easily design and create web pages.
  • Ecommerce and Point of Sale: Ecommerce fully integrated with the system and cash register with interface. The cash register can be used even if you do not have an internet connection.
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