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CounterPath® Softphones

Mobility is considered one of the fundamental factors for the development of corporate systems and networks in those companies that have personnel whose activity requires continuous mobility as executives, sales forces, installers or maintenance personnel. The strategic importance of implementing solutions to solve the need of Fixed-Mobile convergence (FMC) and Bring your Own Device BYOD solutions, make this section critical when choosing a qualified technology partner to address them.




The CounterPath product offering allows truly versatile global communications on any device, any platform and any network. It is composed of desktop and mobile clients, to which it adds integration with CRM (Salesforce®, etc.) and automated provisioning tools, among others.

The CounterPath client and softphone package allows you to make audio and video calls VoIP (Voice over IP), send instant messages, make videoconferences or share the desktop, all in an easy-to-use software application.

As General Distribution Partner of CounterPath for Spain, we provide and advise on the use of these advanced mobility solutions as a perfect complement for Switchboards and Contact Centers: More information about this solution here:

The office for the anywhere worker

A complete solution that is changing how enterprises and professionals manage their communications.

Thanks to Counterpath mobile functionalities, we make possible a real One Number "killer app" that is changing the concept and management of personal mobile devices in corporate environments. This mobile application is aimed at all companies that want to transfer the benefits of corporate unified communications to workers' smartphones.

CounterPath’s mobile VoIP app is the industry’s most reliable and feature-rich communication applications for Apple iOS and Android. Based on SIP and Open Standards, the mobile clients become an extension to your company’s PBX and feature a multitude of communication options, superior security and encryption and advanced audio codecs.

Bria Stretto™ Platform

 Counterpath Stretto

Bria Stretto™ unlashes extensive Corporate VoIP Solutions by combining cloud management tools with Bria Stretto™ Clients making it easy to get your people talking and collaborating.

Bria Stretto™ Solutions provide an easy to deploy, cloud-managed Unified Communication (UC) solution for large scale enterprises and channel partners serving small, medium and large businesses. Highly secure and flexible, Bria Stretto Solutions combine Bria softphone applications for desktop and mobile with CounterPath's cloud-hosted Stretto Platform for provisioning, management and reporting. This enables IT administrators and resellers to set up groups from the Stretto Web Admin interface, distribute downloads to end users, and add and manage configuration settings from the cloud, easily and efficiently.

The softphone apps are branded as Bria Stretto™ and support the same core features as our retail applications, including secure HD voice and video calling, messaging, presence, and contain a wide selection of audio and video codecs. Applications are available for Windows and Mac; iPhone and Android smartphones; and iPad and Android tablets.

Bria Stretto Solutions come with a number of advanced features and services aimed at business users such as: Centralized management, sophisticated operational tools, single sign on, customizable web tabs, hosted corporate roster with messaging/presence, and screen sharing.


Bria Stretto Solutions Benefits


> Start Communicating Quickly. With provisioning centrally managed by your IT administrator using web-based management tools, end users simply login with a username and password to start making calls and sending messages.

> Limited Upfront Investment. Most communications and collaboration systems come with a hefty price tag. Bria Stretto includes everything you need for a low monthly or annual rate with the flexibility to scale with your needs as your business grows.

> Instant Mobility and Device Agnostic. Extending telecommunication services across mobile devices is a critical requirement for businesses today. Bria Stretto provides instant mobility with access to the app on up to four devices per user, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

> Free Up Resources. Cloud-hosted provisioning tools enable IT and operations staff to quickly deploy a scalable, secure and cost-effective UC client solution with minimal effort.

> Access to Latest Upgrades and Updates. Upgrades and updates are automatically made available as new versions are released.

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